Creative writing / Formal Writing

Statement of intent

I am going to write a story about a man in his late 60’s who had events in the past that would haunt him later in life because he chose his family(wife and 2 kids) over his lifetime friend. His children felt something was wrong also so spent the whole day speculating. The friend was on a plan of revenge for many years waiting for the perfect time. I want to get across the message that actions you make later come with consequences also. Karma will come back.

Your up next!
The wind howled. The trees waved at me threateningly. Moonlight gleamed through my bedroom window, lighting my room. People riot on my wall looking angry and filled with pain. I seek for safety under my warm, comforting duvet trying to forget all the terrifying stories. ‘Creak!’ I jump out of my bed high enough to make anyone think I was in high school again competing for nationals in high jump. I peer through the glass noticing a human silhouette walking down the street. Streetlights flickered as he walked past each one. Cracks in the concrete looked like gashes. The silhouette was quickly swallowed by the darkness. Climbing into bed I hoped it was all a nightmare.
“Jake! Jake honey there is something at the front door for you!”

I was woken up to my wife’s voice. I climbed out of bed as fast as a sloth struggling with each movement. I slid like a snake into my warm, fluffy slippers so the tiles didn’t pinch my feet. As I walked down the hallway I get smacked by a mouth watering smell. “Mmm” I said. It smelled like a perfect Sunday breakfast. My body filled with joy as I walked into the kitchen. All my family was home, how could I be so forgetful? I am greeted with hugs and kisses from everyone. Confusing thoughts went through my brain as I noticed everyone is not a cheery and happy as I was. Ignoring it I made my way to the table to catch my breath. Anika sat to one side of me and James sat to the other, they looked as if they were trying to keep their worries secret from me. Did they know something I don’t? Maybe I’m mad.

We were spoiled with a scrumptious breakfast that I devoured like a lion that had not ate in days.
Later in the day the family left. In the corner of my a shiny, white box with my name written on it captured my attention. I was confused for a split second but then I remembered Lexi mentioning something when I woke up. Should I have a look? I stood up shaking like a cold dog out in the rain and move slowly towards the box. Grabbing the box shook me as I was prepared for it to be heavy but man was I wrong, it was the weight of a feather. Lifting up the lid I looked inside finding a piece of paper folded in half. I pull out the paper with mystery showing. What’s this piece of paper here? What does it mean? The only thing it says to me is Your Up Next!

I walk to Lexi thinking this is some kind of joke from the kids. It must be! I ask Lexi “do you know about this?”

Lexi giggles

“The kids probably just left it behind jokingly. We all know how gullible you are.” Agreeing with her I sit at the beautiful wooden table that had many memories and years in the family.
Night had finally arrived. The wind howled. The trees waved at me threateningly. Moonlight gleamed through my bedroom window, lighting my room. People riot on my wall looking angrier then before and filled with pain once again. Something did not seem right. That night was different to the others. A shiver ran up my body sending goosebumps everywhere they can reach. My feet I couldn’t feel them any longer. The same creek I have the other night was back. I picked up my window seeing if that mysterious figure was still there. The lights flicker down the street. The world felt like I had some sort of unbalance.. Pain shoots up my legs causing me to crumble to the ground like the removal of the Berlin Wall. I tried calling for help but no words would come out. A breeze flies past my shoulder causing me to jolt sending even more pain throughout my body. Howling outside got louder and louder. I was turned around by some unknown force to see the dark mysterious figure standing right in front of me. Darkness filled the room and it felt as if the temperature had dropped below 0°. The mysterious figure hovered over me. His face! His face what happened to his face, how could this be real I hoped this was still a dream just a continuous dream ! I panic to myself. All of the sudden everything goes silent. A deep ghostly voice says the words I didn’t want to hear.


I am swallowed by the black cloud of smoke. Where is he taking me I don’t know what’s happening what about my children what about my wife!
The darkness had me in his possession. I get a second glimpse at his face. Oh no! This face, I remember this face. Terrible things start appearing all around me. This was the punishment for what happened all those years ago. I did not mean for that to happen. I had no choice I was forced to! How would you choose between doing something that could haunt you forever or something that could save your children and your wife. Well I did I chose family!





Formal Writing

Statement of Intent

I hope to show in this blog post the ideas of how eating human flesh have been brought up in the past and have been considered as a requirement of survival and a way of life for some. In each paragraph I am going to explain different occasions where people had to rely on human flesh. I am also going to write about what drives people to eat human flesh.

I have recently read the written text Alive out Paul Piers Read an saw that some of the survivors had to go to the extent of eating human flesh. They resorted to having to eat human flesh as they were in a life or death situation. The survivors had run out of food and were forced to starvation. To some the only option was to keep alive by using the resources the had. The human flesh. One of the men made the first courageous decision to eat the flesh of his peers. Among some of the dead were people close knit friends and even family. He was the one who took the first bite, others quickly followed. To him it was one of the best decisions he had made as in a later interview one of the survivors said that it was one of the main factors that brought them more time until they were rescued.

I also read a story about the Mignonette,which was a ship sailing from England to Australia. A few months in the ship sank and 4 crew members were able to get onto a 13 foot life boat. One of the survivors a 17 year by the name of Richard Parker managed to get a couple of time of turnips to live off. About 19 days later things were really starting to go downhill. The captain Thomas Dudley suggested to everyone that Parker be used for resources for survival. They chose Parker as he had no wife or family and was the most poorly out of everyone. All agreed and captain stabbed Parker in the neck with a penknife, and they ate his flesh and drank his blood. The difference between Alive and this coincidence was that in alive the flesh of the human being ate was from dead corps where as Parker was still alive at the time of the event.
The similarity between Alive and this story is that human flesh was eaten as a way of survival.

A question we could ask related to the previous situations is if it is worth eating human flesh to survive? Or is it better to stay hungry for as long as possible?
To answer that question is very hard as it is up to the person. It is possible to eat human flesh and has been done multiple times, but in fact it is extremely unhealthy for you as it can close a lifecycle loop for a pathogen. A pathogen is anything that can give you a disease. One of the diseases you can get from eating human flesh is Kuru which is untreatable, but also very rare. “So rare in fact, that it is limited geographically and temporally to the Fore tribe in Papua New Guinea.” During the 1950’s Papua New Guinea experienced its worst sustained epidemic and slowly declined over the next decades. It became the most common cause of death of Fore woman when Kuru was at its peak. For Kuru the best treatment is preventing it. In Papua New Guinea the Kuru people eat the flesh of human for religious reasons not for the use of food to keep alive.

In a lot of stories that I have read about eating human flesh the main factor behind it was having to eat the flesh of their fellows as a final resort to keep alive. In some other stories I have read the cause was for a completely different reason. There are some very sickening stories like one where a lady killed her husband, cooked and serve the flesh to her children for dinner. This lady had s known past of violence in relationships.

Cannibalism is defiantly not common but the has in the past been quite a few cases. For survival, religion and mental illness. I think it would be very hard to think about eating human flesh in a life or death situation because on one hand I feel that it is completely ring to eat the flesh of another but on the other hand I feel that if I was going to die from not having food in my body I would try my hardest to keep alive.


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Reflection on L2 English reading and writing

Expectations: To have wide range of books to read. I am expecting to pass the year. I expect to try my hardest and I know that it will be challenging as there is so much work but it will be possible to do.

Tasks: Reading novels , watching a film, reading short stories then turning them into our own essays and writing

Preferences: any book that is non fiction and historical

What you have already: I have books at home that I think will be a good choice for studying.

Results from 2015: all exams A

Tasks –



Connections essay

In the visual texts Aliens directed by James Cameron and San Andreas directed by Brad Peyton, the short story The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty and the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins a significant connection found across the four texts is the theme ‘My World Turned Upside Down’ .The connections in these texts are important because people can relate to it as their lives are constantly changing wether it be a small change or a massive change. The texts San Andreas and The Sniper have the common connection of destruction around the place they live . In the texts Aliens and The Hunger Games they are connected because they are both set in the future where they show a dramatic change of earth and life. The Sniper and The Hunger games are commonly connected because the people are both fighting within their own country. The connection between San Andreas and The Hunger Games is having to take massive risks to keep themselves and their people alive.
San Andreas and The Sniper are connected by the common occurrence of destruction to their city and country. In San Andreas Ray’s life along with the people living in San Andreas changes when a massive earthquake with the magnitude of 9 hits down the San Andreas fault line. This earthquake was not finished after just one hit, there was more coming and people didn’t know that “People need to know that the shaking is not over. We’re going to get hit again and it’s going to be a bigger monster. ” The earthquake caused massive destruction to people’s homes , skyscrapers and attractions. This is an example of how people’s lives can turn upside down within a moment of seconds, but they will never go back to the way it was before. The Sniper is a short story about the civil war in Dublin from the perspective of one republican sniper. This war caused destruction to Dublin but it the complete opposite way to in San Andreas.The destruction caused by the civil war was a result of cars destroyed, rubble form buildings scattered everywhere and people dead on the streets, one of which was the snipers brother.”He rolled over the dead body, and looked into his brother’s face.” Just like in San Andreas, the lives of the people in Dublin will never be the same as they were living through a civil war which has turned their world upside down. 
Aliens and The Hunger Games are connected with each other because they are both set in the future as humans have not yet come in contact with aliens if they exist, and today’s society is not sorted into districts, having some richer and some poorer. Aliens is a science fiction action film about a planet called LV-426 that has been colonised by aliens. Ellen Ripley went to LV-426 along with a group of other soldiers to find out more about the aliens and to get rid of them. One day while everyone went to look around for the aliens but instead they found a little girl who survived called Newt. What they find out along the way is that these aliens were a lot more capable than they thought, Newt even warned Ellen about them as she knew how they live. ” What do you mean, “They cut the power? How could they cut the power, man? They’re animals! ” Ellen, Newt and everyone else’s world has been turned upside down because they have discovered that if they don’t deal to the aliens everyone will have almost certain death. In The Hunger Games Katniss meets a little girl called Rue who she because a motherly figure to as she reminded her of Prim. Sadly Rue gets killed when Katniss tried to get to the middle of the arena for supply’s “. That Rue was more than a piece in their Games.” The game creators started to think that Katniss was getting to close to the border and the games were getting boring so they added in fires and dog like killing creatures. Katniss’s world was turned upside down because she went from living a life she thought was normal to having to kill people to survive. Just like in Aliens, The Hungers Games shows that it is set in future because they both show a dramatic change in earth and life where in The Hinger Games the creators could add animations that became real, and in Aliens there was human contact with aliens. 
 The Sniper and The Hunger games are commonly connected by the main characters both fighting within their own country. The Hunger Games is an action film where two people from every district in Panem go to fight to the death to win food and wealth for themselves, their family and their district, also for the entertainment of the Capitol. Katniss learns that even though she might find it hard to kill innocent people, she has to do it just like everyone else does. In The Sniper, the sniper could see a car across the roads from him with people there. Because it was a civil war the sniper had to kill the other people trying to kill him. What the sniper found out is that the person he killed was his own brother ” he rolled over the dead body, and looked into his brother’s face”. The worlds of the people in The Hunger Games and The Sniper get turned upside down because life before the hunger games and the war was normal where you wouldn’t kill people, but now that there is the hunger games and a civil war, killing becomes part of their normal day. 
The connection between San Andreas and The Hunger Games is having to take massive risks to keep themselves and their people alive. In San Andreas Ray takes the risk to go to save his ex-wife Emma and daughter Blake instead of staying in safety “Taking the kids from our districts, forcing them to kill one another while we watch”. Ray took a massive risk because he didn’t know where Blake was and he didn’t know where she was going durning the earthquake. When Ray finds the two boys that were with Blake he found out she was under the water. When Ray went to get Blake he saw that she was stuck on the other side of a glass wall. Blake drowning was Ray’s worse nightmare as he had already lost a daughter to drowning. Ray took another massive risk by staying to find a way to get Blake out which was a good choice because he was successful. During The Hunger Games on reaping day when district 12 finds out who is going to the games, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to be tribute for the 74th Annual Hunger Games because she found out that her sister Prim Rose Everdeen was picked randomly to go. “I volunteer!” I gasp. “I volunteer as tribute!” Katniss did this just all for Prim’s safety because she knew Prim would not survive in the games. In both The Hunger Games and San Andreas Katniss and Ray’s worlds get turned upside down when they have to take massive risks to save the people they love. 
 The Hunger Games, The Sniper, Aliens and San Andreas are all connected but the theme of my world turned upside down. The texts San Andreas and The Sniper had the common connection of destruction around the place they live . In the texts Aliens and The Hunger Games they were connected because they were both set in the future where they show a dramatic change of earth and life. The Sniper and The Hunger games were commonly connected because the people are both fighting within their own country. The connection between San Andreas and The Hunger Games was having to take massive risks to keep themselves and their people alive. What I have learnt from the theme of “My World Turned Upside Down” is that people lives constantly change for better or for worse. I have learnt that people’s lives change in different ways none the same. All of the texts show that this statement made is true that people lives constantly change.

Week 4 Blog 3

Sunday 26th July

Today was the last day of this goal. It is 6.15 and I have just done my final run of 3km and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I managed to do this run on the treadmill in 18 minutes and 10 seconds at 8.5kmph ! This means that the goal I had set I had achieved. There was a couple of barriers while I was trying to achieve my goal today. The first one was that I had been training to run outdoors on the footpath, but it was raining. The second barrier was that I needed someone to time for me to make sure I didn’t pause the treadmill as it has a pause option. Having someone timing me was also a way to overcome the barriers because she encouraged me to not give up and pause the treadmill to have a break. I am feeling so happy thatimanaged to achieve this goal as during the holiday i did extremely little to no exercise to help my progress. During the whole process of this goal I have had heaps of people help and support me which I think had made it easier for me to achieve the goal. 


Week 4 blog 2

Wednesday 22nd July 

This morning I woke up at 5.30 and got ready to go down to Arkles Bay beach with my dad and dog. When we got down to the beach I started off at one end with a walk then about 1 or 2 minutes in I went into a run. I managed to run the whole length of the beach to the end and back 4 times. It was a lot harder than if I was running on a flat surface because my shoes would sink and slip in the sand . This was one of the 2 barriers I experienced. The second one was that I was tired because I woke up 2 hours earlier than I usually would. The first barrier I could t really overcome but the second one I overcame was by taking off my shoes and running in the cold water for a little bit which woke me up a lot. I feel like my progress to this goal is back on track because I only had to stop 2 times during this run to take my shoes off and put them back on. 

Week 4 blog 1

Tuesday 21st July

Today was the first day I hade carried on with my goal after the holidays. I went to the gym after school from 4pm until 6.30. I did a class called curcuit to get my heart rate up. I did a workout that consisted of weights, burpees, push-ups and running. I found this quite hard as I have been away on holiday for the last 2 weeks. I found that I was not as fit as I was 2 weeks ago, this was a barrier. The way that I overcame this barrier was by listening to the instructor and just focusing on my breathing. I feel like not doing any exercise other than swimming or walking, has made the process to achieving my goal harder to achieve but I am not going to quit .

Week 3 Blog 3

Sunday 5th July

Today I went for a run at Shakespeare up to the furthest lookout. It was quite challenging as a lot of the track was uphill and very slippery and muddy. I also fount this quite challenging because I have started to get slack at what I’m doing and not getting as much runs in as I should or would like to be. I need to motivate myself again and push myself to get out there and accomplish the goal I have set for myself. An Enabler for the slippery, muddy track was that on the sides the was long dry grass that had a lot of grip to it so it made me more stable, and my enabler for not doing as much exercise as I would was my mum who made me get out there and do this run. I feel that my progress towards my goal is going downhill and I need to motivate myself a lot more.